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Why choose to buy a Cambridge CELTA certificate?

Cambridge CELTA certificate
Cambridge CELTA certificate

The CELTA Certificate is a globally accredited teaching qualification issued by Cambridge University. buy a CELTA certificate, The basic knowledge and skills required to teach adult language teachers belong to QCF Level 5 qualification certificate. (QCF is an accreditation system established and recognised in England, Wales and Northern Ireland for the assessment and recognition of qualifications.)

For foreigners who want to work in English language teaching: For those with less teaching experience, the CELTA certificate is their “passport” to work in English teaching overseas. CELTA is a teaching certificate for adult English education issued by the University of Cambridge Examinations Authority. CELTA is the most famous teaching certificate in the field of teaching English as a foreign language. CELTA is an internationally recognized and very strong proof of job-seeking ability for people who want to enter the field of English language teaching without any teaching experience.

I want to buy a Cambridge CELTA certificate to apply for a job

Certificate in Teaching English to Speakers of Other Languages courses can provide a solid foundation for their language teaching practice. People looking for a career change or a career break: A growing number of CELTA candidates are former professionals seeking new career opportunities or opportunities to teach and live overseas.

For those who are already teaching English but are not yet professionally qualified: For teachers who have not yet received formal training, the CELTA certificate can help them improve their teaching skills and lead to internal promotions or better teaching jobs.

In addition, candidates should also have the following conditions: 20 years old or above; Formal qualifications (having met the entry criteria for higher education); Strong English expression ability, able to teach students of different language levels. And CELTA has a high language requirement. It generally requires a native English speaker or a language level close to that of a native English speaker.