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What is certificat d’immatriculation? Order a certificat d’immatriculation online

certificat d’immatriculation
certificat d’immatriculation

Where can I get a gray card certificat d’immatriculation? Purchase a certificat d’immatriculation online. The certificat d’immatriculation is an official document, recognized as one of the mandatory documents listed in the Highway Code, and which acts as an identity card for a given vehicle. Since the establishment of the Vehicle Registration System, each car is assigned an SIV number in the format AB-123-CD which will follow it throughout its use.


buy a certificat d’immatriculation online.

Register a vehicle in the centralized management file
Procedures for registering a vehicle
Follow the creation of a new registration certificate
Duplicate registration certificate: loss, theft or damage
The provisional WW registration certificate and WW plates

certificat d’immatriculation
certificat d’immatriculation

vehicle registration
Whether it is a new or used car, owners must apply for a grey card at the time of acquisition. There are several solutions:

Submit a written request to the prefecture or sub-prefecture to which the domicile belongs
Submit an online request on the National Security File Service (ANTS) website
Make an appointment in the prefecture or sub-prefecture where you live
Make a request to an authorized mechanic who has an agreement with the state
The following supporting documents must be submitted with the request:

Certificate of Registration, crossed out and signed by the previous holder, with information required for sale (sold at…)
Identity document (original + copy)
Proof of address within 6 months
A valid technical inspection certificate for a vehicle over 4 years old. The latter must be less than 6 months old (or 2 months if a return visit has been stipulated) and must be performed at an approved centre in France
Complete and sign cerfa form n°13750*05
Part of the cerfa form n°13754*03 of the completed and signed vehicle transfer declaration
If it is not a new car, the professional SIV number on the registration certificate remains unchanged, but the holder’s information is modified.

If you sell your vehicle or change your address, you have 30 days to renew your registration certificate.

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