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The predecessor of Zhang Bondon is a School of Nursing, a School of Nursing, and the relevant organizations, and the Women's Deacier Central Hospital; and the service of deacons.
The woman's deacon has begun in Europe in the 19th century. When Teotor Fernard's Kaisir, Germany established the first female deacon family and hospital meaning in the 1836-word deacon, "One is committed to service ", Is a sexual deacon of this word. The Women's Deacon Foundation is now existed as a non-profit organization and is committed to helping children in the Shenglis East.
The Women's Deacon Central Hospital was founded in St. Louis, in 1889, was founded in St. Louis. The association was part of the gospel party, and later combined with other new teachings to form a Christian church. The hospital was originally located 2119, Yinania, and then moved to 4117 West Belg Square in 1893, and finally ended in 1930 at 6150, Oakland Avenue. The hospital called the Forest Park Hospital was sold to Tenet Healthcare Corp. 1997 Dadlas. In 2004, the Forest Park Hospital was acquired by Argilla Healthcare Inc., the company and the DOCTORS Community Healthcare Corp. Comminity Healthcare Corp. of Scottsdale, Arizona, becoming Envision Hospital Corp. It was acquired by Success Healthcare LLC in 2008. After experiencing many difficult years including fire, the emergency room was closed in 2011. In 2012, its property was acquired by the nearby St. Louis Zoo as part of the 20-year expansion project.