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How long to get a copy St. Cloud State University transcript?

 copy St. Cloud State University transcript

How long to get a copy St. Cloud State University transcript
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St. Cloud State was established in 1869 as the Third State Normal School. This school is a building, Stearns House, which is a refurbished hotel purchased by the state legislature for $3,000. The five-member faculty is led by the principal Ira Moore. Of the original 53 students, 43 were women. As the number of female students increased, Stearns House was completely transformed into a female dormitory in 1874; male students organized a boarding club, and they built a house near the campus, supervised by a female nurse.
In 1898, the school opened college courses. In 1914, the school abandoned the middle school education plan. The legislative authority authorized the change of the name to St. Cloud State Teachers College in 1921. In 1957, the word "teacher" was deleted. The first bachelor's degree was awarded in 1925. The master's degree program was first offered in 1953. [Reference required]
In 1975, St. Cloud State University became a university consisting of five colleges and a graduate school. In 1987, men's hockey became an NCAA first-level event. Two years later, the team moved into two new skating rinks called the National Hockey Center.