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Where can I purchase DeVry University diploma

purchase DeVry University diploma

Where can I purchase DeVry University diploma
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DeVry Inc. successfully completed its initial public offering on June 21, 1991. In 1995, its shares began trading on the New York Stock Exchange.
In 1996, DeVry acquired Becker CPA Review (a company that prepares students for the unified CPA exam) for an undisclosed amount of cash, and its initial purchase price was 18.685 million US dollars (equivalent to 30,832,431 US dollars in 2020). In 2003, DeVry Acquired Ross University, a medical and veterinary school located in the Caribbean, at a price of US$310 million (US$436 million in 2020) and US$329 million (US$463 million in 2020). DeVry acquired Deaconess College of Nursing in March 2005 and entered the nursing field. The School of Nursing in St. Louis awards associate and bachelor's degrees in nursing at different prices, reportedly about US$5.3 million (US$7.02 million in 2020) and US$5.4 million (US$7.16 million in 2020). The Deaconess School of Nursing was later renamed Chamberlain School of Nursing.
DeVry Inc. acquired Faculdade Nordeste (FANOR), Ruy Barbosa and ÁREA 1 in the northeast of Brazil in 2009, thus entering Brazil