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Where can I order a duplicate Japan VISA?

duplicate Japan VISA
duplicate Japan VISA

Where can I order a duplicate Japan VISA? How much does it cost to buy duplicate Japan VISA? How long does it take to order duplicate Japan VISA? Buy duplicate Japan VISA, buy realistic Japan VISA. Japan visa (Japan visa) refers to the documents that non-Japanese household registration personnel must apply for when they go to Japan. It is divided into business visas (short-term, long-term), tourist visas (personal, Group, family type), visiting relatives/friends visa, visiting Japan medical residence visa, study visa, visa holding a certificate of eligibility for residence, etc.

duplicate Japan VISA

In principle, a visa will be issued if the visa applicant meets all of the following conditions and meets the requirements.

1. The applicant holds a valid passport and has the right and qualification to return to the country or country of residence;

2. The application materials submitted are true and in compliance with the regulations;

3. The applicant’s activities or status, status and duration of stay in Japan are in line with the qualifications and duration of stay stipulated in the Immigration and Refugee Recognition Act (Decree No. 319 of 1951, hereinafter referred to as the “Immigration Control Act”);

4. The applicant does not meet any of the items in Article 5, Paragraph 1 of the Immigration Control Act.

Note: Article 5, Paragraph 1 of the Immigration Control Act: Foreigners who meet one of the following subparagraphs are not allowed to enter Japan.

Buy Japan VISA, buy duplicate Japan VISA. Paragraph 1: Class I infectious diseases, Class II infectious diseases or designated infectious diseases (only It is limited to patients (including first-class infectious diseases, second-class infectious diseases or designated infectious diseases stipulated in Article 8 of this law) who are subject to Article 19 or Article 20 of the Law in accordance with the provisions of Article 7 of the Act or by government decree. patients) and those with new infectious symptoms;

Paragraph 2: mentally handicapped persons under the Act on Mental Health Care and Welfare of Persons with Mental Disorders (Law No. 122 of 1950);

Paragraph 3: The poor, homeless, etc. may become the burdens of local public organizations;

Paragraph 4: Persons who have violated the laws of Japan or countries other than Japan and have been sentenced to imprisonment for more than 1 year or imprisonment or punishment equivalent to these penalties.

Buy duplicate Japan VISA. In order to expand personnel exchanges between Japan and China, the Japanese Ministry of Foreign Affairs decided on April 21, 2017 to relax the conditions for Chinese visa issuance to Japan from May 8, and begin to provide people with sufficient economic ability. Issue multiple-entry visas valid for 3 years, and expand multiple-entry visas from three prefectures in northeastern Japan to six prefectures.