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Where can I buy a realistic duplicate US passport?

duplicate US passport
duplicate US passport
duplicate US passport
duplicate US passport

Where can I buy a realistic duplicate US passport? What materials do I need to prepare to buy a duplicate US passport? How to order a duplicate US passport? has been adhering to the principle of customer first, reputation first, customer is God since its establishment. Any document produced in the issuing country must be notarized/authenticated by the consulate of the destination country for use abroad The document has legal force abroad and is then recognized by the destination country. Generally speaking, in China, the relevant documents we hold are issued by relevant domestic departments, so they can naturally be recognized in China. But after going abroad, it is difficult to verify the authenticity of the documents.

If a friend who holds a US passport or US green card returns to China, if he accidentally loses his passport or green card, it will lead to problems such as being unable to travel to the US or leave the country. What should we do at this time? buy duplicate passport, buy duplicate US passport, buy duplicate US VISA. How long does notarization/authentication usually take? Due to the use of mail during the epidemic, it will take about two months.

1. Be sure to repeatedly check the document requirements with the domestic document recipient. For example, for a power of attorney, the written draft should be sent back to China and sent to the relevant unit to determine whether it meets the local requirements? How many copies are needed?
2. Any documents that have been bound must not be disassembled from the bound pages. If the binding of the document is disassembled or re-bound, it will be invalid.