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Can I buy a fake Miami University degree in the US?

fake Miami University degree

Can I buy a fake Miami University degree in the US?
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The University of Miami (informally Miami Ohio or simply Miami) is a public research university in Oxford, Ohio. Founded in 1809, the university is the second oldest university in Ohio (after Ohio University, founded in 1804), and the 10th oldest public university in the United States (ranked 32nd overall). The school system includes the main campus in Oxford, as well as the nearby regional campuses in Hamilton, Middletown and West Chester. Miami also has an international boarding campus, and the Dolipova European Center is located in Difer, Luxembourg. It is classified as "R2: Doctoral University-High Research Activities". It is the westernmost member of the Ohio University system.
The University of Miami is well known [by whom? ] Its liberal arts education; it offers more than 120 undergraduate degree programs and more than 60 graduate degree programs in 8 colleges and colleges in the fields of architecture, business, engineering, humanities and sciences. In its 2021 edition of U.S. News and World Report, the university ranked 103rd among American universities and 46th among public universities in the country. The University of Miami was also ranked 25th in the United States for undergraduate teaching. Miami is one of the first eight public Ivy League schools, and a group of public universities is believed to provide an education quality comparable to that of the Ivy League.

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