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The most promising Major in the United States

The Most Promising and Money-paying Major in the United States
Combining data from the BLS (United States Bureau of Labor Statistics), (US payroll statistics website), PayScale (US authoritative payroll survey agency),
Career Builder (recruitment site), and Live Science (live science), the following choices were made: Majors:
1. Computer science and mathematics Computer science and mathematics
The list of CS and mathematics should be completely expected, and there are many jobs in the related fields, from software engineering to finance.
Their average income is between 63,500 and 111,000 US dollars, but on the other hand, buy degree of university USA according to PayScale's data research shows that only
36% of respondents said they got a sense of significance from their work.
2. Web Development Web development
According to PayScale data, among the 1038 practitioners who participated in the survey, based on the geographical location, the company being
hired, and the experience of the industry, Total Pay developers of the web page ranged from US$32,886 to US$86,668. Unlike small partners who
choose computer science and mathematics, their job satisfaction is as high as five stars.
In the United States, the average salary for web developers is $58,000 per year,  buy degree of university of which Kaiser Permanente is the highest paying person in
this field, with an average salary of $98,000, compared with Wells Fargo, Amazon, and Microsoft. buy degree of university USA Remuneration is not bad, and the corresponding
 salary standards for employees are US$ 95,000, US$ 88,000 or US$ 73,000, respectively.
3. Structural Engineering
The structural engineering involves mechanical analysis, design theory, etc.,  buy degree of university including the structural design and erection of large buildings,
and the employment demand is very strong.
According to the survey. 71% of employees in the industry experience high value and satisfaction at work, and their salary levels are usually
 between $58,700 and $104,000.