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SAIT diploma – Southern Alberta Institute of Technology diploma

Southern Alberta Institute of Technology diploma
Southern Alberta Institute of Technology diploma

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The majors offered at Southern Alberta Institute of Technology(SAIT) are:

Department of Business and Tourism: Accounting; Business management; Legal and Secretarial; Business computer; Cooking; Hotel and restaurant management; Tourism management; Professional chefs, etc.

Architecture: Architectural Design; Woodworking technology; Electric; Coating; Refrigeration; Civil engineering, etc.

Energy Department: Instrumentation; Geographic information system; Geological; Petroleum accounting; Petroleum computer application; Petroleum engineering; Power engineering; Power engineering technology; Industrial instrument manufacturing technology, etc.

Department of Health and Public Safety: Dental Assistant; Emergency medical services; Food and health management; Medical instruments; Nuclear medicine; Medical assistant; Clinical assistant, etc.;

Department of Information and Communication: Photography and Television Technology; Communication; Information system technology; The computer; Multimedia and digital technology; Software program; Hardware and networking; Photoelectric technology, etc.

Manufacturing: automatic system; Mechanical maintenance; Mechanical engineering; Welding; Non-injury testing, etc.

Transportation: Aeronautical Engineering; Aircraft maintenance; Car maintenance; Heavy equipment; Railway traffic control, etc.

Among them, four majors, information System Technology, Business Management, geographic Information System and Petroleum Engineering, have four-year bachelor’s and master’s degrees. Petroleum Engineering has doctor’s degree. Other majors are two-year junior colleges and partial bachelor’s degrees. He transferred to the University of Calgary, The University of Alberta, the University of Victoria and the University of Bridge for his bachelor’s degree.