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How to get a lost University of Missouri diploma?

University of Missouri diploma
University of Missouri diploma

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The University of Missouri has the following campuses:

Columbia Campus
In 1908, the world’s first department of journalism was established in the University of Missouri, the school of Medicine, veterinary medicine, law, agriculture, engineering are also very well-known. In the University of Missouri system, the Columbia campus occupies the largest area and has the highest level of academic research. Columbia has 20 departments and schools, offering more than 250 bachelor’s degree programs and key programs. The schools of agriculture, engineering and communication are known for their academic achievements worldwide.
University of Missouri, Rolla
Founded in 1870 as the Missouri School of Mines, the University of Missouri at Rolla is the first industrial university in the state of Missouri. On January 1, 2008, the University of Missouri-Rolla officially changed its name to Missouri University of Science and Technology. While uSTT is an internationally renowned university specializing in engineering sciences, USTT also offers a wide range of programs in the humanities, social sciences, arts, and business.
University of Missouri-Kansas
The University of Missouri at Kansas City is a public research university with 17 departments, about 50 university courses and nearly 30 master’s degree programs, as well as doctoral programs. The university offers both traditional and fringe disciplines, and currently has about 14,000 students. Education is concentrated in three areas: visual and performing arts, health sciences, and urban affairs (including law, business, education, etc.).
University of Missouri-St. Louis
The University of Missouri-St. Louis offers 46 bachelor’s degree programs, 7 career preparation programs, 30 master’s degree programs, and 13 doctoral degree programs. The university has 966 faculty members, more than 96 percent of whom have advanced degrees in the fields they teach. The school has nearly 16,000 students. The University of Missouri-St. Louis is famous for its business programs and is one of the top 237 business schools in the country.
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