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In addition to studying in the UK, you can choose to go to these cities in addition to London!
Located in northwestern England, it is the third largest city in the UK with a population of 2.5 million. It takes only three hours and one and a half hours to go to London and Birmingham by train, and only three and a half hours to Edinburgh. Manchester has the second largest Chinatown in the UK, with restaurants and supermarkets all over the city. Every major festival such as Yuanxiao Festival is held here for grand celebrations. Features: more Chinese
Manchester is also the UK's second largest economy, which proves that this is a very livable city with a lower cost of living than London. The vitality of this cotton-backed city is because she strives for opportunities and is willing to try and encourage entrepreneurship and innovation.
The universities in Manchester are: University of Manchester, University of Salford, Manchester City University.
Located in the central plains of England, it is the second largest city in the United Kingdom, only 160 kilometers from London and has a population of 2.24 million. The urban area is divided into a new city and an old city. The new city train station is near the location of the British Industrial Exhibition. The old city station is the center of Birmingham. Here, the shops are concentrated, the roads are narrow, and the flow of people is constant. Therefore, vehicles are prohibited from passing. There are only a few high-rise buildings in the city of Birmingham. Most of the buildings are Victorian two-story buildings, simple and elegant.
In this city, there is only a high-paced life and strong living pressure. Such a huge pressure will force you to study more seriously. In addition to the stressful daily life, Birmingham provides countless leisurely simple enjoyments and discoveries for tourists. Opportunity for life fun. In addition to holding football and cricket matches, as well as international events, Birmingham also has many art programs. In addition to the Birmingham Royal Ballet and the Birmingham Municipal Symphony Orchestra, there are also art festivals held in September every year. People in Birmingham have understood the need to put down the pace of life and slowly enjoy life. Buy a degree, buy degree online, buy fake degree, buy fake diploma, buy fake certificate, buy a college degree, buy a bachelor degree, buy fake degree from UK.
As a traditional industrial city, education in Birmingham naturally excels in engineering, and because of its large population density, employment prospects are extremely promising.
There are so many advantages to studying in the UK! No wonder so many people want to study in the UK
The universities in Birmingham are: University of Birmingham, University of Aston, University of Central England
3, Edinburgh
bestdiploma1 Introduce, Edinburgh is an ancient British cultural city, the capital, economic and cultural center of Scotland. Edinburgh is located on the south shore of Foss Bay in the lowlands of central Scotland.
The climate is humid and mild with an average annual temperature of 8 degrees. In addition to windy spring, the summer and autumn seasons are lined with trees, flowers are blooming, ancient palaces, churches and castles are dotted with rich cultural heritage. It is one of the beautiful cities in Britain and is known as "North Athens".
Although Scotland belongs to the United Kingdom, its cultural atmosphere is very different from the cities on the island of England. Therefore, when you come to Edinburgh, you can enjoy an education different from the British island, and are ranked in several universities in Edinburgh all year round. Being in the top 300 in the world suffices to prove that this is a city with guaranteed education quality.
The universities located in Edinburgh are: University of Edinburgh, Heriot-Watt University, Queen Margaret College.
Sheffield is the fourth largest city in South Yorkshire, with beautiful surroundings and a long history. Although it belongs to the northern part of England in the administrative unit, its geographical location is actually located in the heart of the entire United Kingdom. Two hours and forty minutes, travel to other parts of the UK is also quite convenient. The city of Sheffield was originally an industrial city, famous for its steel manufacturing. In recent years, cities have become more diversified. When the 1991 World Student Games was held here, it promoted the sports atmosphere and the improvement of sports facilities throughout the city. In 1997, the British government announced that it would spend 60 million pounds to set up the British Sports Association here. The national park on the outskirts of the city, in addition to providing a good natural environment for training athletes, is also a good place for people to relax and experience the English countryside in the weekend.
The universities in Sheffield are: University of Sheffield, University of Sheffield Haarlem
Leeds is a place that will never decline. The introduction of bestdiploma1 shows its continued prosperity in finance, business, and media, giving it great potential for work and employment. It is widely praised for its uniqueness in culture, commerce, and style, making Leeds the number one social center in the north. Readers of the Condé Nast Travel Magazine have selected Leeds as a British city. Famous cities like London and Edinburgh are behind it. After a survey of 28 major British companies, OMIS research shows that Leeds is a good business. city ​​of. Leeds has just been named one of the top three shopping cities in the UK. There are many different types and different styles of shops in the city to satisfy customers with different tastes.
The universities in Leeds are: Leeds University, Leeds City University
As the earliest open port in the UK, Liverpool has accumulated a lot of original capital in the early slave trade, becoming the earliest open port in the UK, and the home of the Beatles (also translated as "The Beatles"), which has attracted countless pop fans It is Liverpool, where four members of the band John Lennon, Paul McCartney, George Harrison, Ringo Starr were born and raised. In 1956 the famous British Beatles began their acting career in Liverpool. After John Lennon was shot by that sinister bullet, the Beatles soul disappeared for most of it, but it did not prevent Liverpool from remaining the UK's music and entertainment centre.
In daily life, the people of Liverpool are also the spirit of entertainment. Here, you will not feel too much pressure on your life, you will only feel relaxed and freehand. With a relaxed mentality, you can learn better, and here, There is also a spiritual pillar in the hearts of people, that is, Liverpool Club, You Never Walk Alone, YNWA, not only the belief and symbol of this city, but also the first credo of the people in Liverpool. People who have studied in Liverpool are all moved and shocked by this spirit and become a better self. Therefore, if you want to experience a relaxed and faith-free education, Liverpool is your best choice. .
The universities in Liverpool are: Liverpool University, Liverpool John Moore University
The city, borough and non-urban area of ​​Cambridgeshire in the East Region of England, is the oldest university town in the UK. You can go boating on the Kang River. You can participate in concerts or walk to the countryside to enjoy the beautiful scenery in Cambridge. You can also enjoy the fun of riding a bicycle like the residents of Cambridge. Here, in addition to the ancient buildings, there are shops, parks, tea houses, as well as department stores, shops and sports facilities representing the modern side of Cambridge.
Universities in Cambridge are: Cambridge University, Anglia Ruskin University
Administrative headquarters, non-urban counties and urban status of Oxfordshire in the South East of England, United Kingdom. The central city is located 80 kilometers southwest of London. Bestdiploma1 is introduced. The famous Chavel River and Thames River run through Oxford and meet in the south of the city. Oxford is a very popular tourist destination. According to statistics, Oxford receives 9.5 million tourists each year. These tourists will bring about 770 million pounds to the local area. Most of Oxford's famous attractions are buildings of colleges or schools.
The universities located in Oxford are: Oxford University, Oxford Brookes University.